Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been raising puppies?
A: Cedar Creek originated in 2007. We have been pleased to provide happy, healthy, sweet puppies for many families since then.

Q: What do I need to do to be added to your wait list?
A: Good question, thanks for asking. Please use this link to see the steps in order toward puppy adoption.

Q: Do you assign puppies to families?
A: No, I do not assign puppies. I provide guidance as to which pup or pups I recommend for your family based on the information you provide in the adoption application as well as any other information you choose to share. However, you are welcome to ignore my advice.

Q: Can I come pick out my puppy in person?
A: Puppies are selected at 4-5 weeks of age via pictures and video uploaded to our website. Puppies are not vaccinated at such an early age and thus are susceptible to viruses. We are very diligent in the area of bio-security. The potential of accidental parvo exposure makes all breeders shake in their boots.

Q: How much are your puppies?
A: The price of our puppies is based on size as well as markings. Use this link to learn more.

Q: I noticed the reservation fee is non-refundable. Why is that?
A: Our breeding plans for the year are responsive to the number of individuals on our wait list. This way supply never exceeds the demand. Your deposit also represents a commitment on your part to make a Cedar Creek puppy part of your family, and begin the preparations needed to provide a wonderful home for a Cedar Creek puppy. I have never placed a puppy without a commitment from their humans to provide a good, loving home for their puppy.

Q: When is the balance due for my puppy?
A: Balance, including hand delivery, and training camp tuition, is due within 3 days of selecting your puppy.

Q: How old are puppies when they are ready for their forever home?
A: Puppies are ready for training camp or their forever homes at 8 weeks of age.

Q: I can’t pick my puppy up for a couple weeks after they are ready to go home. Can you keep them during that time?
A: If the timing isn’t right for your puppy to be pick up by you when they are 8 weeks of age, we recommend enrolling them in one of the three options available for training camp.

Q: I am not able to pick my puppy up in person. What options do I have?
A: We offer hand delivery throughout the US and the world. Please inquire for an estimated price.

Q: I would like to come visit parents and your puppies before I place a deposit. Can I schedule an appointment?
A: Visitation is permitted. We understand the desire to meet our dogs first hand before placing a deposit. We do offer this option while keeping in mind the health and wellness of our dogs and puppies is our utmost priority and we will not risk the potential introduction of viruses, such as the parvovirus. We certainly don’t want to take the slightest chance at exposing your puppy or anyone else’s puppy. We are glad to share a list of references of individuals who have had experience with Cedar Creek.

Q: I have allergies to most dogs. Is there a way we can do a test to see if I’m allergic to one of your Bernedoodles?
A: Yes, of course. We suggest trying to meet up with another Cedar Creek family near you who has one of our puppies. We can supply you with a referral list upon request. Another option is what we refer to as a trial test. We will expose a blanket to one of our Bernedoodles and then send it in a sealed zip lock bag to you to see if you have a reaction.

Q: If I have a question (or a thousand!) after we have taken our puppy home, can I contact you?
A: Absolutely. We are here to answer your questions for the life of your puppy. Ask away! P.S. We also love receiving pictures and updates from you!

Q: Do you have an owners FB group?
A: Yes, we have a closed Cedar Creek Owners Community page. Once you have submitted a deposit you are welcome to request to join the group. We also have a public FB page and encourage you to also like and follow that page for updates and information from Cedar Creek.

Q: Are your dogs health tested?
A: YES! Each and every one before being added to our breeding program. Under each dog’s page, you will find their health testing results.

Q: Who is your vet?
A: We are pleased to use Erickson Veterinary practice in Chico, CA. Click here to learn more.

Q: Do you have a health guarantee?
A: Yes, we offer a 24-month guarantee. You will find our health guarantee here.

Q: What are common parasites in puppies?
A: Visit our page with information on parasites such as coccidia and giardia. Both are very common in puppies, particularly when during times of stress such as weaning and changing environments. We do everything within our power to keep our dogs and puppies parasite free by deworming and keeping a clean, sanitized environment, including toys, bedding, bowels, etc.

Q: I’m so excited to take my puppy to the beach and dog park. Can I take them there right away?
A: It is hard to not show off a Cedar Creek puppy. I get that. However, your puppy has not completed their full set of puppy vaccinations until they are around 16 weeks of age. Your puppy will need a total of 3-4 (depending on the vet) vaccinations before hitting those high traffic dog zones. A rule of thumb to use is this: if an area has had unknown dogs visit it, don’t take your puppy there until they are fully vaccinated, including the rabies vaccination.

Q: Has my puppy had any vaccinations before coming to me? What about wormings?
A: Yes, they have had their first 5-1 vaccination. This vaccination consists of Parvovirus, Cainine distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza. If your puppy is enrolled in one of our Training Camp options, your puppy will continue to receive vaccinations per their age. Puppies are wormed 3 times before transitioning to your home. Your puppy’s vaccination and worming record will come home with them.

Q: What if my puppy has low to no appetite once they have arrived home?
A: A transition to a new home can cause stress for puppies. This can make their tummies rumbly and not ready for food. There is no cause to be overly concerned. I recommend pouring warm water over the kibble in advance of feeding to let it soften a bit. Also cuddling with your puppy and using a soothing tone of voice can calm an anxious pup. Puppies are pretty well spoiled around here at Cedar Creek. Snuggling your puppy under your chin will help you bond with your new puppy as well as provide comfort for them.

Q: What treats do you recommend I give my pup?
A: None for the first couple months or until your pup is well established and potty trained. The addition of treats can cause unpleasant (for you and pup) loose stools. When ready to give treats, we recommend a grain free variety. We use Fresh Pet which is advertised as a daily dog kibble, but the size and ingredients make it a convenient, healthy treat. You will find it in the refrigerated section of your pet store. Be sure to count the quantity of treats you give your puppy toward the daily food quantity they should receive for their age/weight.

Q: Do you remove dew claws on your pups?
A: We do not remove front dew claws on our either Bernedoodles pups or our Bernese Mountain Dog pups.

Q: Will my puppy be micro-chipped?
A: Yes, each puppy is micro-chipped prior to leaving Cedar Creek. You will find information on registering the microchip with your contact information in your puppy folder which accompanies your puppy.

Q: What food should I feed my baby and how often?
A: We feed a premium puppy kibble, Fromm. We recommend purchasing Fromm from your local mom and pop pet/feed store. If they don’t carry it in stock, they usually can order it upon request. However, if Fromm is not available locally, chewy.com offers free 1-2 day shipping and good prices. Our puppies are used to eating their kibble dry so there is no need to soften it with soaking it in water before feeding. You will find a recommended schedule per puppy age included in your puppy folder giving guidance as to feeding and sleeping times.

Q: What ambient room temperature is my puppy used to being in?
A: Temperature inside the nursery by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old is between 68-70 degrees. Your puppy will also be used to short intervals of outside play time.

Cedar Creek reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason up until the dog/puppy has left Cedar Creek's possession.