Cedar Creek Training Camps

Cedar Creek Training Camp is an in-home training program offered by our professional, highly qualified canine trainer. Your puppy from age 8 – 12 weeks (Option 1), or from 8-16 weeks (Option 2) or Ultimate Camp (Option 3) will be trained in a home setting. This camp helps your puppy start off on the right foot. Only positive training methods are used. During Training Camp your puppy will receive vaccinations that are due per its age.

While your new puppy is at camp they will live in a home setting and your puppy will start with:

Option 1: From 8-12 Weeks of Age Camp Tuition – $2,700

  • We will start your puppy on proper house and social manners.
  • We will teach your puppy bite inhibition.
  • We will start your puppy on a solid foundation in housebreaking with assistance transferring to your home.
  • We will teach your puppy the “leave it” command, which will be very useful while they are teething.
  • We will start the foundation for the sit, down, stay and come commands. Depending on the puppy, we may be able to get the puppy to start performing the sit and down commands without luring, but still using food.
  • We will socialize your puppy around a variety of environments and people.
  • You will receive progress updates as well as pictures.
  • We will socialize your puppy to other dogs.
  • We will supply you with a schedule for your puppy to follow after they return home to keep them on
    the right track as they grow older.
  • We will teach your new puppy how to walk with a loose leash.
  • We will master their crate training.
  • 1 private training session at the time of pick up. If you are not able in person to attend the private training session, you will receive a DVD of the training sessions of your puppy.
  • 1 follow-up phone consult.

Option 2: From 8-16 Weeks of Age Camp Tuition – $5,400

We will add to option 1:
  • Formal healing, right turn, left turn
  • Proficient at sit, down, stay, and come commands.
  • Sit, stay for up to 1.5 minutes with distractions
  • Down, stay for up to 10-12 minutes
  • Place cot stay up to 30-40 minutes in different environments with 8 points of entry
  • Off-leash control
  • Automatic sit
  • 2 private training sessions, one at the time of pick up and the other usually 1-2 weeks later. If you are not able in person to attend the private training sessions, you will receive a DVD of the training
    sessions of your puppy.
  • 2 follow-up phone consults.

Option 3 Ultimate Camp: 6 Months of Training Camp Tuition – $25,000

(Puppy begins camp at 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will complete Ultimate Camp at 8 months of age)
  • If you want the perfect, good-to-go dog, then this camp is for you.
  • Complete set of puppy shots including rabies. If you are having your puppy imported into any continent in the world, this option includes all needed vaccinations, quarantine periods, and USDA • • Vet Health Certificate.
  • The dog will be fully trained in advanced obedience.
  • 3 private training sessions, one at the time of pick up and the others scheduled at your convenience and need. If you are not able in person to attend the private training sessions, you will receive a DVD • of the training sessions of your puppy.
  • Unlimited follow-up phone consults.
  • Service and therapy dog training are available.
  • We have trained dogs for autistic children and adults with PTSD.

Option 4: Custom: Duration Customized Camp Tuition – Please request a quote.

  • Perhaps you are going to Europe for a 3 month vacation and would like your puppy in a training camp during that period of time. Or any other reason you might wish for a customized training camp duration.

Option 5: Boarding – $40/day

  • Boarding is available for puppies who cannot be pickup up within the specified time frame.
  • Boarding includes the necessities, playtime outside, vaccinations due during that time, and lots of love. We recommend rather than boarding your puppy, that you extend your puppy’s time in training came which keeps their minds busy and challenged and for which you will reap the rewards of a well-behaved canine best friend.

**Due to limited space, please reserve your Cedar Creek Training Camp as early as possible.
Reservation may be made as soon as you have selected your pup.
A 10% deposit of the tuition is required upon reservation.**

We are only able to offer our training camps to Cedar Creek puppies due to high demand.

It is our policy to not allow visitations to puppies in our training camps. Your puppy is on a tight schedule regarding eating, potty trips and training. She goes to the bathroom like clock work. A distracting visit may set her back toward where she started. She is in the formational imprinting training period and taking it right on. These are the recommendations and policies of our highly qualified trainers who have years of experience.

The intent of video and picture updates is to keep you informed and in the know while not disrupting the puppy’s training.
So, with keeping the best in mind for your puppy, we can’t permit exciting visits until Training Camp is completed.

Meet Our Trainers


Dennis’ career in dog training began at the age of seventeen as an apprentice under the instruction of Vietnam Veteran and Navy Seal Tom Massalino who was a master trainer in all phases of dog training.

Dennis continued his career working for and with other dog training companies throughout South Florida as well as being very involved in the working dog sport of Schutzhund. Dennis relocated to Northern California where he continues his career in canine training. He is a certified judge with the awesome working dog organization called Service Dogs of America, only the second judge in the state of California.


Tonia has been actively involved in training and competing with dogs her entire life. Growing up with a father who trained police K9’s sparked Tonia’s passion to continue the legacy in dog training. Tonia has competed and titled numerous dogs in Agility, Herding, Schutzhund obedience, tracking and protection, Service Dogs of America obedience and protection, AKC conformation, UKC conformation and International All Breed Canine Association conformation.

Tonia has been an active volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue for many years and has worked with City of Chico Animal Shelter in fostering and training dogs.

Tonia has, more recently, turned her attention to teaching others who share in her passion for training dogs. For the past 6 years, Tonia has enjoyed working with people and their dogs in tracking, pet obedience and competitive obedience.

Cedar Creek reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason up until the dog/puppy has left Cedar Creek's possession.