Health Warranty

Cedar Creek Health Warranty

I hereby sell the puppy/dog described as follows:
Sex_____________ Color________________________________

Microchip ID__________________________________________
Seller’s Signature_________________________________________________ Date __________________________

Cedar Creek does hereby certify that to the best of their knowledge, dog sold is in good health, free of any major genetic defects and all known faults have been declared to buyer. Puppy leaves with worming and vaccinations due it per his/her age.  Upon Buyers receipt, puppy should be taken to a vet within 3 business days for a health check. If Buyer neglects to get the health check done within the three business days, this said contract/warranty is null and void. Should Buyer’s Veterinarian find this puppy to have a life-threatening illness or disease (excluding parasites, coccidia, giardia, luxated patella, hernia, kennel cough or an easily treated illness, many of which can be brought on by the stress of being rehomed) within those three business days, the Buyer will have 7 days to return the puppy at his/her own expense to the Seller, along with Vet record of illness and any/all registration papers, etc, that were given with the puppy, provided the puppy is in the same condition mentally and physically as when originally purchased from the Seller. A full refund (excluding shipping and training camp costs) of the price of the puppy will be given. The Seller will always have the option of having the diagnosis confirmed by a Veterinarian of their choice before a refund is issued. The Buyer must either have their own pet insurance or activate the Free 1 month of Trupanion pet insurance within a day of receiving your puppy. Otherwise Buyer is responsible for veterinary expenses incurred during this time period which would have been covered by pet insurance. There is no guarantee against accidents. There is no guarantee against sickness not contracted on the breeder’s premises. Please take caution as to where you take your new puppy until the entire series of puppy vaccinations has been given. Seller assumes no responsibility for Buyers veterinarian bills.

If for any reason said Buyer is unable to keep said dog, it is agreed that at no time will the new owner sell or give this animal to a pet store, a puppy mill, a broker or any similar enterprise. Buyer agrees to never surrender said puppy/dog to a shelter, humane society, or animal rescue group. The breeder will be notified in the event the Buyer needs to find a new home for the puppy/dog for possible placement assistance. Buyer agrees that this puppy/dog will become a member of the family to assure proper development and maintenance of the temperament for which this puppy was bred. The buyer agrees that this puppy/dog is not to be left in a backyard kennel or tied up. Seller must be contacted first and will gladly help in finding a new home for this dog. Buyer agrees Seller will repossess puppy/dog upon evidence of neglect and/or abuse at no expense to the seller. Buyer will be held responsible for all legal and travel fees deemed necessary to repossess the puppy/dog.

Buyer agrees to feed a dog food of good quality, complete puppy shots, give yearly vaccinations and heart worm medication. Buyer agrees to place their Cedar Creek puppy on NuVet Plus for the first 24 months for the proper development of joints and needed vitamins that are essential to your puppy’s growth.  In the first 24 months while your puppy remains on NuVet Plus, this puppy is guaranteed to the original purchaser against debilitating or life-threatening hereditary/congenital diseases until he/she reaches 24 months of age. If puppy is found to have a disabling or life-threatening genetic defect the Buyer must notify the Seller immediately and provide appropriate documentation from a qualified veterinarian. Not included in this warranty are health issues that may be caused by environmental factors such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, trauma, abuse and failure to maintain the general health of the dog. After these qualifications are met, the Seller will at the Seller’s sole discretion, provide a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value from the next available litter, or refund half the purchase price of the puppy (this excludes shipping costs). Seller will never ask you to return your beloved puppy in order for this warranty to be fulfilled. If at Buyer’s wishes, Breeder will accept the return of the puppy if the puppy has not been exposed to infectious diseases of any kind.

Seller guarantees that the above dog is to be free from severe hip dysplasia determined at 24 months of age and not before or after 24 months of age, by x-ray and evaluation of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). All x-rays must be done by an experienced veterinarian. We reserve the right to examine x-rays and have our veterinarian approve them. This does not include hip deformation or abnormalities caused by injury, poor quality food, strenuous, repetitive exercise (long walks, hiking, agility and jumping) during their growth period (18 months), overweight for dog’s height/structure, or malnutrition. If the dog is found to be dysplastic, the Buyer must notify the Seller immediately and provide appropriate documentation from OFA of defect. Dogs with a rating of Excellent, Good, Fair, and Borderline are not considered dysplastic. After these qualifications are met, the Seller will at the Seller’s sole discretion, provide a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value from the next available litter, or refund  half the purchase price of the puppy (this excludes shipping/training camp costs). We are a small breeder and it may take up to 18 months to receive a replacement puppy. Proof of any congenital defect must be provided to the seller from a qualified veterinarian. Seller reserves the right to a second opinion on all health issues. Should you take your puppy off of the NuVet plus in the first 24 months, the guarantee is null and void. Seller assumes no responsibility for Buyers veterinarian bills.  

Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract/warranty is under the jurisdiction of the state of California, in the county of Butte. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be Paradise, CA.


This agreement is the complete agreement between Seller and Buyer and no promises or guarantees are made unless contained herein in writing. Any changes or additions to this agreement must be in writing and signed by Seller and Buyer. The only warranties given are those expressly set out herein.

I, the Buyer, understand that every effort has been made to satisfy me with my purchase.  By signing, I agree to the sale of my own free will. I hold the Seller harmless to any actions pertaining to the purchase either real or imagined, neglect, or fault. I have read, understand, and agree to the above contract. Any legal action regarding this limited warranty must be brought against the breeder in a court where the breeder is located and is subject to only the laws in the state where the breeder resides.

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Cedar Creek reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason up until the dog/puppy has left Cedar Creek's possession.