"Allie has started puppy kindergarten and all of the other puppies made Allie's behavior look like she was doing us a favor. We've had puppy play dates. It was been great. She has been so good we've actually joked about asking you for her brother or sister too! She was the first dog allowed off her leash in school too. She is just the best!"
Allie's Family
Illinois, USA
"Grizz is doing great and getting big quickly! He has a great personality, he’s playful, gentle and so much fun to be around. When he’s in the backyard the neighbor kids come over and ask to play with him. He is defiantly the celebrity dog on the block and wherever we go. The only real issue with his personality is going on walks can be difficult as he wants to meet and play with every person and dog on the way. "
Grizz's Family
Colorado, USA
"Bella is adjusting nicely. I have her at school with me today, I teach Life Science at a middle school. The kids love her and she is enjoying all the attention. She is asleep under my desk as we speak after a rousing game of ball during my prep. Bella got her shots and microchip yesterday. She was so good and not even a whimper. The vet said she was just perfect. Thanks for everything."
Bella's Family
Montana, USA
"Odessa is doing awesome and loving her new dog friend...she is super friendly and outgoing.... she growls when she has something that she would rather not share...she's such a character hehe. I ordered the supplement for her, and she thinks I'm giving her a treat every morning... she's so much fun to have around. I'm so glad I took the time to find the right puppy...you raise awesome dogs..."
Odessa's Family
Alberta, Canada
"You can see what a handsome boy he has grown into! He is such a loveable dog, always wanting to cuddle or be pet all the time. He is also very friendly, he loves everyone and gets along great with other dogs and animals!"
Murphy's Family
Wisconsin, USA
"Oh my goodness, we love Ralphie so much! He is so good and loves everyone he meets. He has no shyness at all. We are in canine good citizen class right now and our next class is going to be training to be a therapy dog! He has so much love to share. The problem is he is very lonely sometimes especially with daylight savings time. I noticed you have puppies soon. Do you have reservations on all of them yet? We would love another Ralphie please!"
Ralphie's Family
Colorado, USA
"We love Azlan! And so do my parents! They are wondering if he has a brother that is available?"
Azlan's Family
South Carolina, USA
"Kuba is literally the best dog I've ever known, and we love him more and more every day. His favorite thing in the world his chewing on hands (regardless of how many toys we have for him), and snuggling. I swear he is a human sometimes with the way he wraps his arms around our shoulders and snuggles."
Kuba's Family
Colorado, USA
"Brook is doing so great! She always comes when we call her and has learned to sit when she gets to us (most of the time). We absolutely adore her and couldn't be more delighted to have her as part of our family! Thank you so much!"
Moonlit Brook's Family
Montana, USA
"I am constantly getting compliments about Hazel's beauty. People say to me, "Where did she come from? She is really beautiful." I have to say compared to the other Berners she is and very sweet."
Hazel's Family
Washington, USA
"Big Al has stolen our hearts. We are so in love with him - he is absolutely perfect! He is full of energy and really happy all the time. Thank you so much!"
Big Al's Family
California, USA
"Khaleesi is absolutely wonderful! She adores our kids and is a total love bug. We can't imagine being without her. Thank you so much!"
Khaleesi's Family
Oregon, USA
"Bali is very playful and is sleeping well in her crate at night. She is now part of a walking group where she goes to the park for an hour every afternoon and has another 1.5yr old Berner in her group. Everyone on the street also loves her - its almost annoying because everyone wants to stop and pet her because she is so cute."
Bali's Family
California, USA
"Arnold is such a great dog! He loves to sit on us and just has to touch us somehow. He loves the snow. He thinks there's something underneath so he stuffs his nose in it and eats it. He loves when we shovel the driveway - he'll chase the shovel and the snow we throw. He also likes when I swiffer dust - he tries to catch the swiffer and eat it. He's so cute and friendly and we absolutely love him so much."
Arnold's Family
Colorado, USA
"Thor is such a beautiful dog, we get stopped all the time when we are out walking, kids love to pet him! A lot of people already know exactly what breed of dog he is, it is funny though, most people will ask "Did you know that he would get that big?" He is exactly what our family needed...."
Thor's Family
Oregon, USA
"The only thing better than a Berner is 2 Berners! Gus and Iggy are brother and sister from Sterling and Clifford. They are inseperable, crazy,extremely smart, rambunctious tanks of joy! Thank you Cedar Creek Bernese! We are sooo in love...and tired!"
Gus & Iggy's Family
California, USA

Cedar Creek reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason up until the dog/puppy has left Cedar Creek's possession.